At First – What is CBD?

CBD (cannabidiol) is besides THC another important component of the cannabis plant. This substance is not psychoactive and therefore won’t trigger the from THC known “High” sensation which many people are associating with cannabis. In general, this drug is still relatively unexplored. The CBD isolate is obtained by various extraction methods like molecular distillation and CO2 extraction. CBD is considered to hold a wide range of potential health benefits, from relieving pain and anxiety to being an anti-inflammatory.

There are many ways to consume CBD whereby vaping is a very popular method.

The intake of CBD by vaping is very simple and has the effect that the cannabidiol unfolds relatively quickly. But which vape devices or vaporizers are suitable for CBD products and what kind of CBD products can you actually vape? Here the answers:

CBD – What can you vape?

First of all, we should know that vaping isn’t smoking. During vaping, the material will be merely heated and not combusted like smoking a regular cigarette. As the name already says, it gets vaporized and is thought to be safer than smoking it.

Depending on the device you can vape:

  • CBD Liquids
  • CBD Oils
  • CBD Crystals
  • CBD Flowers

CBD Liquids should come for most of us in mind as flowers are not everywhere legally available – unlike the rest of the products. Furthermore, CBD liquids can be vaped in standard e-cigarettes where already a wide range of affordable devices is available.

How to Vape CBD Liquids with an E-cigarette?

Vaporizing CBD liquids works the same way as vaping regular e-liquids with your e-cigarette. It’s recommended to pay special attention if the CBD liquid is “ready to vape” or if something else needs to be added as this can vary from each CBD liquid manufacturer. If your CBD liquid is “ready to vape” then simply fill the CBD containing liquid into the tank of the e-cigarette and you are able to start vaping as usual.

If CBD is new to you then you should keep in mind the right dosage which is suitable for you and will cover your needs sufficiently. It’s therefore recommended to start at the beginning with a low dosage and slowly approach a higher CBD content till it suits you the most. In general, the consumption of CBD Liquid is considered for a longer period whereby the corresponding effect can be achieved on a lower dosage by vaping more frequently.

Consider that a high CBD dosage may not achieve more but that less CBD on a longer term can be more effective.

Here some most common dosages for CBD Liquids:

  • 30 mg / 10 ml (0,3%) = Low dosage
  • 100 mg/10 ml (1%) = Medium dosage
  • 300 mg/10ml (3%) = Medium – high dosage
  • 600 mg/10ml (6% = High dosage
  • from 1000 mg/10ml (10%) = Very high dosage

CBD – Which Vape Device is suitable?

Especially two values are important for vape devices which shall be considered when vaporizing CBD liquids. The wattage output of the device (mod) and the ohm value of the vaporizer/coil.

Wattage & Ohm:

Since CBD needs to be activated to its full potential first, it is recommended to use a mod which won’t fall below 40 watts.

The electrical resistance or ohm value of the coil which regulates the voltage should be below 1 ohm (subohm) in order to reach the temperature which effectively releases the CBD. The resistance of those subohm vaporizers / coils shall be around 0.2 ohm to 0.5 ohm.

However, a lower wattage device can be used if you are using a liquid where the CBD is already “activated”. In this case you can use a lower wattage (usually starting from 18 W and above) which also has the effect to avoid an unpleasant throat hit. The consistency of those CBD liquids is comparable to regular e-liquids or slightly thicker due to the higher VG (vegetable glycerine) level.

And don’t hesitate to ask your CBD liquid supplier or the manufacturer direct if you are not really sure if the specs of your device are sufficient to vaporize the liquid which you are considering to purchase.