Cannabis has been proposed as a substitute for opioids as it is considered much safer as it is easily assimilated. Moreover, it has a low toxicity. Nonetheless, some intake methods are safer than others. For instance, smoking cannabis contains the same kind of cancer substances that are found in tobacco smoking. In addition, many heavy cannabis smokers develop bronchitis. In short, the dangers of smoking cannabis are similar to the dangers of smoking tobacco.

Consequently, many cannabis users are looking for other intake methods that are safer such as edibles and vaping. Vaping is not only safe but also a very efficient method with a high bioavailability.

The Danger of Smoking Cannabis: Health Related Issues

According to, smoke is harmful to health no matter if it is marijuana or tobacco. states, “whether from burning wood, tobacco or marijuana, toxins and carcinogens are released from the combustion of materials. Smoke from marijuana combustion has been shown to contain many of the same toxins, irritants and carcinogens as tobacco smoke”.

In addition, cannabis is not smoked the same way as tobacco. Cannabis smokers inhale more deeply than tobacco smokers, which means more exposure to tar, which is a carcinogenic substance created after the combustion of plant material. Furthermore, smoking cannabis causes chronic bronchitis.

The dangers of smoking cannabis are mainly caused by tar and carcinogens present in the combustion of any plant material. In addition, there are studies stating that marijuana smoking delivers at least four times more tar to the lungs than tobacco smoking. This is mainly caused by two reasons, firstly, cannabis is smoked without filters and secondly, cannabis smokers tend to inhale more deeply than tobacco smokers. Hence, the production of tar is greater than in tobacco smoking.

In short, anything you inhale that comes from the combustion of plant material is harmful to your lungs. Smoke harms your lungs in many ways, for example, it kills cells that protect your lungs from dust and germs, irritates your lungs causing the accumulation of mucus and it also weakens your immune system.

The dangers of smoking cannabis are sufficiently harmful to consider switching to alternative and healthier inhalation methods such as vaping.

Why Should I Vape Cannabis Instead of Smoking it?

Ispire vape.
Ispire vape.

Vaping cannabis is a safer alternative to smoking cannabis. In addition, vaping cannabis is a fast delivery intake method. According to recent studies, vaping has a higher bioavailability than any other intake method. Vaping ensures that up to 56% of the cannabinoid content will enter your bloodstream. Furthermore, other studies mention even a higher bioavailability.

Moreover, vaping does not produce carcinogens that are commonly found in tobacco or cannabis smoking. Nonetheless, there is some controversy about vaping, but until now, no studies have proved its negative health effects. What we can say is that vaping is much safer than smoking, especially because there is no production of tar. Vaping does not create the toxins that will harm your lungs.

Furthermore, vaping cannabis will not cause cough or phlegm associated with bronchitis like smoking cannabis. It is a much safer alternative that will give you the same satisfaction or even more. As mentioned above, the bioavailability of vaping, in other words, the amount of cannabinoids that enter your bloodstream, is much higher in vaping than in smoking and/or bongs.

The dangers of smoking cannabis exist. There is a common misconception that cannabis smoking is not harmful. However, it is as harmful as tobacco smoking. Therefore, other inhalation methods such as vaping (both cannabis vape juices and dry-herb) is a healthier alternative. In addition, it is even more effective than smoking with a higher bioavailability.

The problem is not the substance but the use we make of it. In the same way that nicotine itself is not proven to have harmful health effects; cannabis is similar. The problem lies in the inhalation method since smoking produces harmful chemicals and substances that harm our body, such as tar.

How Can I Vape Cannabis?

Ispire cannabis cartridges.
Ispire cannabis cartridges.

So now you know a bit more about the dangers of smoking cannabis and that’s why you have decided to switch to vaping cannabis. Perhaps you are a bit lost, so let’s explain how vaping cannabis works.

There are many methods to vape cannabis, but the most common ones are vaping cannabis e-liquids and vaping dry-herb (cannabis buds).

There are many types of cannabis e-liquids, for example, full-spectrum cannabis e-liquids, cannabis isolates, CBD-rich e-liquids, THC-rich e-liquids. The same applies to dry-herb vaporizers.

Ispire utilizes a unique coil system, the ducore, which is a dual ceramic coil that offers superb e-liquid absorption. Furthermore, you can find both disposable and refillable tanks. A refillable tank allows you to add your preferred e-liquid while disposable tanks are convenient, and you will just dispose them once you finish vaping them.

If you just want to vape and you don’t want to tinker with coils, tanks, wicks etc, then a disposable pod is a very convenient solution for you. It’s simple, easy and effective.

On the other hand, a refillable pod or tank is a good option if you want to try different cannabis e-liquids or if you want to make your own cannabis oil.

Dangers of Smoking Cannabis: Conclusion

Cannabis smoking produces tar and carcinogens the same as smoking tobacco. Moreover, cannabis smokers inhale more deeply, which means more tar in each puff.

Smoking and vaping enter your bloodstream through the lungs and that’s why they are considered very fast and effective intake methods.

However, smoking is harmful because of the combustion of plant material. Instead, vaping does not produce these harmful substances and is therefore a safe and efficient method. In addition, its bioavailability is higher than any other method.