Celebrate the power and impact of Black entrepreneurship in LA. This month (and always), we honor 28 Black-owned businesses in fields ranging from wellness to weed, fashion to culture. We’ll be highlighting one business from this list (below) on our Instagram Stories each day in February to support our community and shine a light on the success, diversity and strength of Black-owned businesses. Don’t just scroll, SHOW UP and support. #blackhistorymonth


  1. California Cannabis

Established in 2005, founded by Virgil Grant, California Cannabis has been providing its community with high quality cannabis since the beginning. Grant has dedicated his life to the cause and continues to fight for social justice to ensure inclusion in the cannabis industry. You can find them at one of their three locations at 1601 S Soto St, 654 N Manhattan Pl, or 7415 Crenshaw Blvd. 


  1. Gorilla Rx Wellness

Gorilla Rx Wellness is LA’s FIRST Black-Women Owned dispensary started by a mother-daughter duo known as the “Kikas,” Kika Keith and Haquika “Kika” Howze. Since August 25,2021 the wellness shop opened its doors at 4233 Crenshaw Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90008 and has catered to many Black patrons in Crenshaw and to those who’ve traveled to enjoy the community's historic feat. 


  1. Sixty Four & Hope

Sixty Four & Hope is a cannabis wellness store that’s deep-seated within a culture that empowers vibrant, local voices through premier league products. It’s a place with great vibes and the owner Aja Allen honors the plant by providing an informed, enlightened, and interactive store experience that focuses on a product-first mentality. Since its inception, Sixty Four & Hope has expanded from its La Cienega location at 2000 S La Cienega Blvd on Crescent Heights, to a new Melrose location at 6803 Melrose Ave, giving back to the community through cannabis and wellness.


  1. Josephine & Billie’s 

Josephine & Billie’s is the City’s first cannabis speakeasy that takes you back to the 20s and 30s where Black communities would go to the “TeaPads” and enjoy jazz, marijuana, and share big ideas while feeling connected, valued, relaxed, and safe. It’s owned and operated by Whitney Beatty who prides herself in providing a first class in-store experience by educating customers on the importance of terpenes and how to curate their experience. You can enjoy the Teapad or sign up for a class at their in-store location 1535 W Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90062.


  1. The Green Paradise

The Green Paradise is a Black-Owned dispensary located at 1115 S La Brea Ave, specializing in the freshness, flavor, scent,strain, benefits, and culture surrounding cannabis. It’s one of the newer dispensaries to hit the scene just last year! 


  1. Ball Family Farms

The Ball Family Farms cannabis is hand-crafted from the best raw and organic nutrients. The owners value that their products are cultivated with extreme attention to detail. All products are produced in-house to the most precise standards. Aside from high standards for their flower, what also sets them apart is they have strains named after characters from some of the culture's greatest films such as “Nino Brown,” “Ricky Baker,” and “Daniel Larusso.” 


  1. Litco

Located in the heart of Downtown LA at 1323 S Flower St, Litco is a Black-Owned dispensary loved by many Black celebrities, such as Yasiin Bey (Mos Def), Mozzy, and MadeinTYO. Litco’s founders strive to integrate high-quality and compliant goods into the lives of their customers for a beneficial and hassle-free lifestyle. 


  1. Blaqstar Farms

Blaqstar Farms is a Black-Owned cannabis brand that utilizes sustainable cultivation techniques for their products. Since 2012, Blaqstar Farms has been based on the pillars of growing clean and high-quality cannabis free from pesticides, chemicals, and growth regulators by combining traditional approaches and eco-friendly growing techniques. Blaqstar Farms has been consistently active in the promotion of awareness and Social Equity from injustices created from the War On Drugs. You can find them at your local retailer such as Gorilla Rx Wellness or Nug. 


  1. Ganja Goddess

If you’re the type that appreciates quality and convenience, you’ll be glad to know a place like Ganja Goddess exists. They’re a Black-Women Owned cannabis delivery brand that delivers throughout the greater Los Angeles area. The owners pride themselves on shopping Black-Owned and delivering Black-Owned cannabis brands, such as Blaqstar Farms and Ball Family Farms, to help expand Black-Owned businesses representation in their cannabis delivery menu. 


  1. Cool Kicks

Cool Kicks is a Black-Owned shoe store on Melrose at 7565 Melrose Ave that stays tapped into the sneaker culture and blesses the community endlessly. They’ve been featured on Complex’s “Sneaker Shopping” where many celebrities have stopped by and bought some kicks. Buy, sell, or trade your shoes with Cool Kicks, they’ll take care of you.


  1. UnLuvd

UnLuvd Boutique is a Black-Owned clothing store located on 7655 Melrose Ave, that features streetwear for both men and women. After speaking with one of the designers “2C,” he told us they just wanted to create a space for Black men and women to buy dope clothes and have a place to create. If you stop by you have to check out their upper lounge area!


  1. That’s An Awful Lot Of Cough Syrup

Established in 2019, Desto Dubb's “That’s An Awful Lot Of Cough Syrup”  brand has taken the culture by storm. Located at 7669 Melrose Ave, the Black-Owned streetwear brand is seen on many celebrities from rappers to podcasters. While Dubb may have started by giving away his tees and khaki suits to many artists throughout the industry, he now has a brick and mortar store to sell his prolific brand and you can stop by and show support.


  1. Reparations Club

There’s nothing better than curling up and reading a good book. That’s why Reparations Club is more than a bookstore, it’s a concept shop and creative space curated by Blackness, POC, and some good allies. Its founder and creative director Jazzi McGilbert created Reparations Club as a labor of love after her mother passed away in 2018. Stop by Reparations Club at 3054 S Victoria Ave and grab a book!


  1. SilverBack Coffee Of Rwanda

Nothing beats a nice warm cup of coffee, however, SilverBack Coffee Of Rwanda adds a twist. They’re a Black-Owned coffee shop at 1712 W Sunset Blvd, that’s committed to giving back. Not only do they work with local services, they’re also greatly committed to the rebuilding of Rwanda and its wildlife by giving back to the people who were affected in the genocide of 1994 by providing top quality coffee and tea. They’ve also partnered with the Rwandan government to help improve the quality of care and growth of the native endangered Silverback gorilla. 


  1. Sip & Sonder

Sip & Sonder is more than your average coffee spot, it’s a coffee house and roastery where community and culture truly connect. It’s Black Women-Owned brand founded by Amanda-Jane Thomas and Shanita Nicholas, rooted in the principles of sharing cultural experiences with the world around us, while inviting patrons and partners to do the same. Sip & Sonder is a space where creatives, entrepreneurs, freelancers, curators, and more can come to simply exist, grab a cup of coffee, create, and connect. Check out one of their locations on 111 S Grand Ave or 108 S Market St for your next cup of coffee!


  1. Union L.A.

Union L.A. is a Black-Owned store that’s been set on keeping you fly since 1989. When Union first opened its doors the intent was to have a place to showcase what kids in the local community were up to in music, fashion, and art. Now 34 years later, they’re still doing the same thing at the same high degree. Now owned by Chris Gibbs who’s taken on the responsibility of continuing the Union legacy of being a hub for young creatives. Its L.A. store at 110 S La Brea Ave is the last standing store, check it out and show some love.


  1. Simply Wholesome

Owned by Percell Keeling and found in the heart of the city at the corner of Slauson Ave and Overhill Dr, Simply Wholesome has been providing authentic Jamaican food to its customers since opening in 1984. This spot attracts people from all over with their healthy food options with a Jamaican twist. They greatly value community and aim to enhance the quality of life for all their neighbors and patrons. 


  1. Hanks Mini Market

Founded in Hyde Park in South L.A. Kelli Jackson pivoted from her art career to take over the family business. Hanks Mini Market partners with the local art community, the L.A. Food Policy Council, and national restaurant chain Sweet Green pursuing a vision that combines healthy living and community empowerment. 


  1. Body Butter Lady

Thanks to homemade products and a family recipe, Senegalese entrepreneur, Marianne Ndiaye, takes great pride in using only Organic Fair Trade Shea butter from Ghana and Mali at Body Butter Lady. Since 2003, they’ve provided Black women and men with natural products that work best for their skin. You can find them at their stand alone store at 320 S. Market St., or at the Culver City Farmer’s Market and the Crenshaw Farmers Market.


  1. LA Cannabis Co.

LA Cannabis Co. has been one of the early Black-Owned dispensaries that’s been leading the charge in bringing the best buds before its members. They’re committed to enhancing the customer experience with one of a kind cannabis, exclusive products, and a knowledgeable staff. The founders are highly experienced growers who have catered to Los Angeles patients and their community for decades. Whether you’re a resident or just passing through, LA Cannabis Co. opens its doors as the ultimate resource for premium marijuana and education. You can find them at one of their three locations at 1603 S La Brea Ave, 3791 2nd Ave, or 5993 S St Andrews in Inglewood to show support.


  1. Coffee by Kofi

Coffee by Kofi isn’t just another Black-Owned coffee shop, it’s also an art studio! Here you can enjoy a nice cup of coffee and pick up pieces of art, coasters, and other handcrafted pieces by Kofi Effah. Since the pandemic they’ve only been able to do takeout orders, but you can still grab a good cup of coffee and some art.


  1. Saints

Saints is a clothing boutique that doubles as a barbershop making it extremely difficult to leave out of there not looking fresh. What’s great about Saints is that they’re a Black-Owned business that prides themselves on building a space for other Black creatives to come together. They value building a community of good people, which is why they host events consistently centered around giving back to their community. 


  1. House Of Kush

House of Kush was founded to carry on the legacy of the famous strain Bubba Kush. Since 2021 the brand has committed itself to changing the narrative of cannabis. They act as a licensing company that works with Harborside, one of the oldest cannabis retailers. As a majority Black-Owned business, House of Kush is constantly looking for ways to ensure social equity, through financial literacy and focusing on getting banking, microloans, social ventures, and entrepreneurial training into largely black and brown communities, the greater chance for social equity and generational wealth. You can show your support for the brand and community at their store location at 653 W Florence Ave.


  1. GolfWang

The Golf Store also known as Golf Wang has been a Fairfax staple since its opening in 2011 on 350 N Fairfax Ave by musician Tyler the Creator. It’s been one of the most successful Black-Owned streetwear brands to date, with an expanded flagship location in New York. Not only that, the Golf Store constantly gives back to the community that embraces them so much. Whether it’s a campaign for saving the bees or police brutality, the Golf Store ensures to get in front and send a message whether it’s through clothing or monetary donations. 


  1. The Marathon Clothing 

The Marathon Clothing store was conceived by the late great Nipsey Hussle who used his coined term “The Marathon Continues” as a means for his clothing and cannabis brand. Founded in 2017, it was Nipsey Hussle’s dream to open up his own store and have something to give back to the community and “honoring the people that stayed down.” At the moment the store is closed, but you can still show love and shop their line online!


  1. Marathon Collective

The Marathon Collective is another extension of Nipsey Hussle’s Marathon brand on 7011 Canoga Park, where people can buy Nipsey’s own cannabis strain Marathon OG, along with other marijuana products. Since opening, the shop has garnered much attention before and after Nipsey’s passing. The Marathon Collective acts as a Black-Owned hub for people to come together, enjoy some cannabis, and celebrate the life and legacy of Nipsey Hussle.


  1. WYLLOW 

WYLLOW is Los Angeles-based Black-Women Owned cannabis brand on 2622 S Robertson Blvd, that offers a high-quality selection of rare cultivators and rewrites how people get acquainted with cannabis products through a visionary and immersive experience. Each product is hand-selected with the cannabis connoisseur in mind giving their community a place to educate and enjoy themselves when they walk through the door. 


  1. Carrots 

Carrots by Anwar Carrots has been a trailblazer in the streetwear scene since the beginning. His clothes have been seen in countless department stores such as Zumiez or Nordstrom. Since its debut in 2015 Carrots has been a firm Black-Owned brand that’s wrapped in a story of community, comradery, and a desire to make something different from the rest.