Filling vapes just got easier with Ispire’s new Open-Top vaporizers!

Unlike traditional closed-top reservoirs, Open-Top reservoirs have an open design that allows for easy access and visibility. This means that it's simpler to hand-fill your vape pen with various cannabis oils, which can save time and money in the long run.

Ispire CGR Open Top Disposable Vape Pen

 The biggest advantage of Open-Top technology is faster filling times. With an open design, the reservoir can be filled much quicker than with a closed-top design. Ditch aiming the filling needle into a tiny hole. It’s easier to program a filling machine to fill each vape pen. This reduces downtime and increases productivity. It’s extremely important in an industry where efficiency and speed matter most! 

The faster a vape technician fills, the more money your business makes. It reduces errors during the process, along with being easier to align with other filling machines, and it saves manufacturing cost (who doesn’t love that?). Open-Top vape cartridges are also extremely versatile. No errors, No mess, No waste, No worry! They can be used for all forms and viscosities of Cannabis and Hemp oils, such as THC, CBD, rosin, and other distillates. 

Ispire CGR Open Top Disposable Vape Pen


Open-Top THC pens are the next generation of vape filling for Ispire devices. It offers faster, more efficient, and more versatile solutions than traditional closed-top vape pens. If you want to step your game up and play with the big dogs, switch to Open-Top vapes.

At Ispire, we are proud to offer this innovative technology to our customers by expanding our Open-Top tech to our entire vape line! If you have any questions, contact your rep today to get your hands on some Open-Top vaporizer pens! We look forward to helping you take your operations This Way UP!