Our Collaboration with Cali Heights

Cali Heights is the first to launch a custom mold from our Ispire ONE product line. These California shaped 1mL All-in-ones are the first Ispire ONE devices filled by our new filling machine to make it to market. The unit was designed to mirror the state of California and meticulously crafted to reflect the geographical locations where the material for the oil was sourced. This partnership represents a convergence of quality, creativity, and attention to detail that we believe will resonate with Golden State consumers.

The Cali Heights Cali Vape is the first custom mold Ispire ONE device. This California shaped 1mL All-in-one incorporates the Golden State's best vape tech.

About Cali Heights

With two decades steeped in Southern California's distinctive cannabis culture, Cali Heights has cultivated a reputation for delivering pure and potent cannabis products. Synonymous with quality, Cali Heights has earned admiration and loyalty across the Golden State.

Cali Heights California 1mL AIO disposable vape pen - Ispire ONE


Ispire ONE and Our Filling Machine Technology

Our collaboration heralds the Ispire ONE custom mold California vape, a pioneering product filled using our new filling machine technology. This state-of-the-art process ensures precision filling for each vape, offering consistency and eliminating the need for capping. It reflects our relentless pursuit of innovation and quality in our product offerings.



Our recent release with Cali Heights highlights what Ispire is really about: innovation, quality, and creative vision. By synergizing our strengths, we are unveiling products that not only align with the traditions of the cannabis community but also infuse innovation into every aspect. We are honored to partner with Cali Heights, and we eagerly await your experience with these new products.

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