Cannabis is most commonly vaped with cannabis vape pens and mods with ceramic coils that are specifically designed for the vaporization of viscous e-liquids. Some cannabis vapers wonder if they can vape cannabis with a sub-ohm device. Nonetheless, there are some things you need to consider before vaping cannabis with a sub-ohm vape. For example, sub-ohm vapes means more e-liquid consumption and shorter coil lifespan.

What is a Sub-Ohm Tank?

Sub-ohm tanks are ideal for vapers looking for big vape clouds. Most of cannabis users don’t care about cannabis clouds or they prefer vapes that are suitable for stealth vaping. Moreover, sub-ohm devices are designed for e-liquids with high VG content to produce bigger vape clouds.

Sub-ohm tanks consume more e-liquid than normal tanks and their coils have also a shorter lifespan. This is because they can generate more output power. In short, the lower the resistance of the coil, the more power you can pump through it.

Furthermore, sub-ohm devices need more powerful batteries. You will need batteries capable of generating at least 40 watts of output power.

What is a Ceramic Coil for Cannabis Vaping?

Ispire Ducore AIO.
Ispire Ducore AIO.

Most of cannabis vape pens employ ceramic coils. This is because ceramic coils are more effective in the absorption of viscous e-liquids.

You don’t really need lots of watts to vape cannabis (THC or CBD). In short, you can efficiently inhale cannabis if you vape at a lower wattage. In addition, a sub-ohm tank at a high wattage means a very short coil lifespan. This means a greater expense in coils and a faster consumption of cannabis e-liquids. CBD e-liquids and oils are very expensive, which means that you don’t want to vaporize them in just a few puffs. You want the cannabis e-liquid to last longer, and the same applies to vape coils.

Cannabis oils are usually thicker, stickier, and resinous and therefore it is important to use vaping devices designed for the absorption of viscous e-liquids. In addition, ceramic cells absorb the perfect amount of cannabis e-liquids. In other words, it is a very efficient material to vaporize cannabis vape juices.

Why Vaping Cannabis?

Ispire Ducore cartridges ready to be filled with cannabis e-liquid.
Ispire Ducore cartridges ready to be filled with cannabis e-liquid.

Firstly, because it is much safer than smoking it. Secondly, because its bioavailability is much higher than many other intake methods. According to some studies, its bioavailability is higher than 50% and sometimes even as high as 80%. If we compare it with oral administration, then vaping is more effective and faster. If you vape cannabis, the cannabinoids will enter your bloodstream through your lungs, and it will reach your brain faster than if it is absorbed through your digestive system.

You can vaporize cannabis with a sub-ohm device, nonetheless, this is not recommended. When you vaporize cannabis e-liquids, you need to take into account:

The costs of cannabis e-liquids (especially CBD)

E-liquids, especially, CBD ones, are very expensive. Therefore, you want to make an efficient use of it. Hence, a sub-ohm device is not the best option to vape cannabis e-liquids.

The efficiency of your vape tank and coils

You need to consider many aspects here. For instance, coil lifespan, bioavailability, e-liquid absorption, and e-liquids consumption. As mentioned above, sub-ohm tanks and regular cotton wicks are not the most efficient for the vaporization of viscous cannabis e-liquids. Moreover, ceramic coils not only are more efficient, but they last much longer than cotton wicks. In addition, ceramic coils are more efficient at absorbing the right amount of cannabis e-liquids. Furthermore, remember that sub-ohm coils have a much shorter lifespan.

A standard coil or a sub-ohm tank will just last for a few days. These coils burn faster, and they will get gunky.

What Kind of Vaping Devices have Ispire Ducore for Cannabis Vaping?

Ispire offer both disposable and refillable cartridges and batteries for cannabis vaping. Ispire has its own patented dual coils-Ducore-that deliver superior flavor and power. Ducore coils have a high bioavailability to ensure most of cannabinoids are released into the vapor.

Ispire has three refillable cartridges: Ducore 15.5mm, Ducore 13.5mm and Ducore 11mm. The largest one has an e-liquid capacity of 1ml while the 13.5 and 11mm versions have a 0.5ml capacity. All these refillable devices come with Ducore dual ceramic coils.

In addition, Ispire has two devices that come with disposable cartridges, the Ispire Dacore and the Ducore AIO.

The refillable cartridges are compatible with most of 510 thread batteries in the market. However, we recommend you vape them with one of Ispire batteries. You can choose from four different batteries: the Ducore Palm 380 mAh, Ducore Palm 400 mAh, Ducore Palm 650 mAh and Ducore Palm 900 mAh.

In addition, Ispire devices has integrated a patented anti-leak and anti-clog feature to ensure an effective cannabis vaping experience. Our coils will not clog and accumulate gunk. Most regular coils accumulate residues that worsen the vaporization of cannabis e-liquids.