If you are the kind of vaper that doesn’t like tinkering with coils, tanks and e-liquids, then a prefilled and disposable cartridge is the best option for you. Prefilled and disposable cartridges are very convenient and easy to use. In short, they are ready to be vaped as you don’t need to change coils or refill the pod or tank. Prefilled pods are the easiest way to vape cannabis (THC or CBD e-liquids). In other words, you just need to inhale and vape!

Ispire has a collection of disposable vapes, one is the Ducore SBS ZNKD 650 and the other one is an AIO, the Ducore AIO SPK 345 Both the Ducore SBS and the Ducore AIO have a 400 mAh built-in battery and pods with ceramic coils.

The Ducore SBS is available in four color options: orange, black, gray and blue.

Ducore SBS 650: Product Introduction

The Ducore SBS ZNKD 650 is designed as a portable vaping device and ideal for stealth vaping. As all Ispire vapes, the Ducore SBS ZNKD 650 comes with ceramic coils designed for the absorption of viscous cannabis e-liquids.

Its built-in 400 mAh battery will last for the whole day as it is designed to run low. Moreover, it comes with a micro USB port.

The Ispire Ducore SBS ZNKD 650 is a perfect vape for stealth vaping. In other words, you can vape your cannabis e-liquids without drawing unwanted attention to yourself.

The Dacore SBS ZNKD 650 is 62.1 mm in height, 30.1 mm in width and 16.3 mm thick. Moreover, the pods are available in two different capacities. There is a 0.3 ml and a 0.5 ml version.

Product Specifications

  • Battery Capacity: 380 mAh
  • Product Dimensions: 62.1 mm in height, 30.1 mm in width and 16.3 mm thick.
  • Output Voltage: 3.7V
  • Charging Current: 0.5A
  • Pod Capacity: 0.3ml or 0.5ml
  • Activation Mode: Auto Draw
  • Coil Type: Single Ceramic Coil

Ispire Ducore SBS: Quality and Design

The battery is very effective, and the disposable prefilled pods are one of the best you can find in the market. The Ispire Ducore SBS is an auto draw device that provides a constant and smooth vapor. The ceramic coil is excellent in the absorption and vaporization of cannabis e-liquids. In other words, you will not notice many quality differences between Ducore SBS and refillable cartridges or tanks. In addition, it is available in two pod capacities: 0.3 and 0.5 ml.

The Ispire Ducore SBS fits perfectly in the palm of your hand. Moreover, it is very ergonomic and comfortable. Furthermore, the drip tip adapts perfectly to the mouth and provides a constant and smooth vapor.

Unique Ceramic Coils

The ceramic coils are designed for the absorption of viscous cannabis e-liquids. The Ducore SBS coils are excellent for both THC and CBD e-liquids.

The Ducore comes with a single ceramic coil designed to prevent clogging and flooding. The ceramic coil heats very fast and it will vaporize the perfect amount of e-liquid to provide a constant and smooth vapor. The Ducore coils are long-lasting and effective. In short, it’s one of the best disposable pods you can find, with a vaping effectiveness comparable to refillable tanks and pods.

Getting Started: How to Vape the Ispire Ducore SBS

The Ducore SBS is very easy to use. As mentioned above, it’s an auto draw device with no fire button. The output voltage is 3.7 volt to best meet your needs.

Its 1.4-ohm ceramic coil is designed to effectively vaporize any cannabis e-liquids. Both the 0.3 and the 0.5 ml pods come with 1.4-ohm coils.

The Ducore SBS, as most of classic auto draw devices, doesn’t have adjustable airflow.

For vaping cannabis, it is important to choose a device that has coils designed for the absorption of viscous e-liquids. Furthermore, it is important that it has a high bioavailability. In short, how much of the substance enters your system to provide the expected results. Ducore SBS offers great absorption and a high bioavailability.

The Ducore SBS, as all the Ispire vapes, has been designed to offer a high bioavailability. You just need to inhale and in a matter of minutes you will feel the effects of the cannabinoids.

The Ducore SBS is also available for OEM and ODM.