CBD oil is becoming widely popular as a treatment for anxiety. Furthermore, CBD has become a very important industry with dozens of products (gummies, shampoos, oils etc).

It has become so popular that it’s also used to treat epileptic seizures and other ailments in dogs!

However, it’s important to buy regulated CBD products. At least, you can try making your own CBD oil if you have plant material and the necessary items to make it.

1. CBD and health

Marijuana and a bottle of marijuana oil
Marijuana and a bottle of marijuana oil

We have been misinformed about cannabis for a long time. Mainly, this misinformation was the result of ignorance and biased information. For instance, cannabis has been classified as a recreative drug with no other important properties.

Recent studies have proved otherwise, cannabis can be used for many other purposes apart from a recreative use.

However, it’s true that researches are still in a preliminary stage. For instance, some studies claim that CBD has anticancer properties, but this has yet to been proved.

CBD has been mainly used for anxiety treatment and also for the treatment of epilepsy. As a matter of fact, there is an approved drug for the treatment of epilepsy called Epidiolex. Epidiolex has been approved by the FDA in June 2018.

2. CBD and anxiety treatment

The Uses of Medical Marijuana illustration
The Uses of Medical Marijuana illustration

There are many articles about CBD an anxiety treatment. However, perhaps you wonder how CBD helps to treat anxiety.

Marijuana has been used to relieve pain for thousands of years. As a matter of fact, marijuana was appreciated as a medicinal plant in China since at least 2737 BCE.

Apparently, CBD has a direct effect on our serotonin levels. Hence, that’s why it’s efficient for the treatment of anxiety and depression.

It is used by many people to treat their anxiety issues and to help people deal with insomnia. Moreover, it seems as it also helps to stay asleep (not just falling asleep).

Unfortunately, anxiety is one of the most common emotional and behavioral problems. Anxiety is a normal response when we are in danger or when we need to segregate more adrenaline to stay alert. The problem is, when we feel anxious for normal situations that shouldn’t cause us excess anxiety.

CBD has helped many people to cope with anxiety. For instance, many users have chosen CBD vaping for anxiety treatment as an effective intake option. However, there are many options, included CBD coffee. I know it sounds illogical, but it seems as coffee and CBD match each other pretty well.

Suffering from anxiety is very limiting. When a person suffers from chronic anxiety the overall performance drastically decreases. Eventually, causing a serious lack of confidence.

More studies in human is needed, but many CBD users have reported improvements and reduce anxiety after using CBD products.

In addition, CBD vaping for anxiety treatment is one of the fastest methods to feel the effects of CBD in the body.

3. CBD and black-market e-liquids

Many vapers are concerned about the pulmonary issues reported in the US. However, most of these issues were caused by black-market e-juices. In addition, it’s important to emphasize that health issues have been reported only in the US.

Regulated CBD products, in other words, CBD products that have passed quality controls are completely safe for human use.

Moreover, the American health authorities claim that this was caused by black-market THC e-liquids.

In conclusion, CBD vaping for anxiety treatment is completely safe as long as you vape high quality vaping products.

Finally, let me advice you to stay away from black-market e-juices. You never know what these e-liquids contain and how they can affect your health.

4. CBD and epilepsy

Diagnosis epilepsy in a medical form on the doctor desk

CBD has improved the lives of many people who suffered from epilepsy. Especially, children that suffer from Dravet syndrome and Lennox-Gastaut syndrome (LGS), two childhood epilepsy syndrome that are difficult to treat and control.

CBD vaping for anxiety is just one form to use cannabidiol. For the treatment of epilepsy, as previously mentioned, there are approved by the FDA. The commercial name of this medicine to treat epilepsy is Epidiolex.

As we can see, CBD vaping for anxiety treatment isn’t the only effective CBD use. Many people suffering from epileptic seizures have reported miraculous CBD improvements after using CBD products. As a matter of fact, the first time I’ve heard about CBD as an effective treatment for epilepsy was in a Joe Rogan podcast where he interviewed Jesse Ventura, the former Governor of Minnesota. He claimed on that interview that marijuana-based products were the only effective products that relieve his seizures.

5. CBD for pets: is it safe?

CBD has drawn the attention of my pet owners. Actually, the effect that CBD can have on your pet is very similar to the effect that can have on humans. Generally, CBD for pets is used for the treatment of pain (efficient for neuropathic pain), for its anti-inflammatory properties, cardiac benefits, anti-nausea effects, appetite stimulant, anti-anxiety treatment and for its alleged anti-cancer properties.

Generally, the best way to treat your pet with CBD is in its liquid form (oil and tinctures). However, there’s not enough research available to determine the right dose for pets yet.


There are many uses for CBD. For instance, it has been proved as an effective treatment for anxiety and epilepsy.

Moreover, some sources claim that CBD has anticancer properties However, this hasn’t been scientifically proved yet.

Finally, CBD vaping for anxiety treatment is an effective and fast way to get your CBD dose. For the moment, dogs haven’t learned to vape, so tinctures and CBD in liquid form are the best options for your pet!