There’s one Ghost we believe in: Ghost Hemp

We’re always on the lookout for partners who are up to something big, people who move through the world with positivity and a belief that anything is possible. Turns out, Ghost Hemp is all that and more.

When we first met, they were in search of a hardware partner with high standards, attention to detail and creativity to match their own. They wanted a true collaborative relationship, not simply a vendor. And the fact that we both had roots in the pre-regulation days and deep cannabis knowledge only deepened our connection.

Ghost Extracts live resin in custom Ispire LVL disposable vape pen

Ghost Hemp envisioned transforming the vape pen experience for their consumers. They put so much effort into cultivating superior live resins, they weren’t about to compromise when it came to their hardware. They analyzed everything, not just oils and terpenes, but the entire experience—from hardware to packaging, labels to instructions.

One of the single biggest challenges in launching a cannabis brand is the logistics involved. Time zones, accountability, language barriers, customs, turnaround times, and more make the whole process extremely complex. Because Ispire maintains an extensive inventory in Southern California, along with design and manufacturing capabilities, it created an opportunity for Ghost Hemp to launch its first disposable vape pen with custom form factors and graphics. As a premium cannabis brand, the ability to elevate their presentation—and their consumers’ experience was extremely important.

Ghost Extracts live resin in custom Ispire LVL disposable vape pen

In the words of Justin Ballinas, CEO of Ghost Hemp: “As the market both expands and evolves, we’re looking for not only what’s next, but how to get there first. Given the expertise, creativity, and collaboration that the Ispire team delivers, I know the possibilities for Ghost Hemp are endless.”

About Ghost Hemp

Lighten the body. Free the spirit.
Learn more about Ghost Hemp by visiting their website.

About Ispire

Ispire is a technology company and leading vape hardware brand with a mission to innovate, elevate and celebrate the cannabis industry. We use our resources – technological, financial, and human – to support our industry in realizing its full potential. Ispire actively supports manufacturers, retailers, growers, and consumers so that our entire ecosystem expands.

Ghost Extracts live resin in custom Ispire LVL disposable vape pen