710 is a very special day for the cannabis community.  This cannabis holiday is second to only the infamous 420.  And what is so special about 710? The numbers “710” when flipped around spell “OIL”.  The oil, concentrate, side of the cannabis community took this special date to specifically celebrate all things related to concentrates.  This includes vapes, dabs, and edibles.  But it also includes surrounding innovations that help improve, enhance, and enjoy  concentrates.  Ispire has been instrumental in creating the best concentrate consumption devices on the market and this close connection with the community continues to bring everyone together.  Ispire wanted to give back this 710 and put together an amazing event - The Oilympics.

The Oilympics is a competition where teams are created and have to go through a series of games in order to win 1st place.  The games are cannabis themed!  From the teams to the audience, everyone was having fun and the energy was high.  Games included a roll up challenge, weighing cannabis with chopsticks, who can take a hit without coughing, and more.  Oilympics was non-stop and the mood was set with the one and only Xzibit as the host.

“Whaddup it’s mister X to the Z Xzibit, broadcasting live at the Ispire offices right here at Venice, California,” exclaimed Xzibit. 

Xzibit was an incredible host as he took control and led the games from beginning to end.  His crowd control is easy to see as he encouraged, made jokes, and interacted with everyone at the party.  Napalm Cannabis made their presence felt and the support was overwhelming.  Another supportive brand involved was Buddies!  Buddies is a cannabis brand that has a variety of products.  From dabs to vape pens to topicals, Buddies has you covered just like they had the party covered!

The party was filled with special guests such as Tyler Therapy, Wandii, Joe Grande from Cannabis Talk 101, Cannabis Capitol, and also Keith Allen from G4 Live and The Budtender Awards.

“We're at the Oilympics down here at Ispire, Venice Beach, wish you were here,” said Keith Allen.

710 wouldn't be special without any surprises! Ispire released their newest Daab - HONEY.  Honey is a limited edition Daab that is inspired by their collaboration with Pollinator Partnership.  This is a non-profit organization with the goal of improving pollinator health.  The health of BEES! Bees are a crucial factor that plays in our ecosystem and our agriculture.  Ispire is proud to help bring more attention to this important organization.  

The Oilympics was a gauntlet of challenges and everyone came out laughing and in good spirits.  Everyone was a winner and Ispire is excited to see where the Oilympics will go from here.  Stay tuned and watch out as they may invade a city near you…

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