The Chinese Lunar New Year festival celebrates the start of spring and the new calendar year of 2022—the Year of the Tiger—a symbol of courage and strength.

As Christmas and the Chinese New Year approach, there is a lot to look forward to. When it comes to the Chinese New Year holidays, you need to plan ahead.

To assist you in planning ahead, we’ve included a set of important dates to consider before placing your order.

Important Dates for All Orders Out of China

In order to offer you the best service and meet all deadlines, November 30th will be the last day to order raw materials. We have set January 15 as the last day of production. Moreover, the factory will close from January 15 until March 1, when production staff and all employees will go back to work.

Production will resume on March 15 with first shipping beginning on April 1.

Important Dates as you plan 2022:

During the Chinese New Year holidays, the US team will have inventory, which means they will be capable of product printing and local customization. Nonetheless, keep in mind that supplies are limited, so you must act quickly.

Keep in mind that order volumes should cover a minimum of 3 months.

Plan for success in 2022! The Ispire team is committed to your success now and in 2022.