The vaping market is one of the fastest growing sectors of the cannabis industry. While there are a plethora of smoking devices available, it’s no secret that not all vape batteries are created equal. Concentrate enthusiasts understand that choosing the best vape battery is the key to solidifying a superior smoking experience. In addition to being the heart of your vaporizer, the battery has the power to transform cannabis oil into the full-bodied vapor we know and love. Whether you’re looking for wholesale devices to add to your store, or for vape batteries for personal use, Ispire is creating clean and consistent experiences toke after toke.

Ispire is proud to offer some of the most innovative vape batteries and disposable vape pens on the market. Our patented Ducore® technology provides consumers with consistent hits that are full of flavor – with no burnt aftertaste. Every Ispire device has been intelligently designed to elevate your vaping experience. By utilizing our patented dual coil delivery system, with adjustable temp and airflow controls, you can produce premium vapor with every hit. If you’re looking for a quality vape batteries to highlight your concentrates—Ispire has you covered.

Why The Quality Of Your Vape Battery Matters

The quality of your vape battery truly has the ability to make or break your experience. Of course, the oil influences the potential benefits you feel after consumption. But if you’re hitting your oil off the wrong battery, the overall experience could be lackluster. You invest in quality vape carts over and over again in the hopes of indulging in premium oil. Why not make the same investment for the device that is doing the heavy lifting? Investing in a quality vape battery ensures you make the most out of concentrates by giving you the power to control and fine-tune your experience as needed while smoking on the go.

When shopping for cannabis products, consumers often get sidetracked with the available concentrates and cartridges for sale that they tend to overlook the most important element – their vape battery. It’s common for people to walk around with inferior batteries that take away from the quality of their vaping experience without even knowing it.

We’ve all been there, we see a cheap $10 battery on the dispensary shelf and remember we forgot ours at home—so we grab this cheap device as a placeholder. It’s easy to forget that vape batteries serve as the engine that runs our entire device. Using the wrong kind of vape battery can ultimately ruin your entire vaping experience, even if you choose the best concentrate possible.

What Makes Vape Batteries Different?

It’s pretty clear that not all vape batteries are the same. If they were, we wouldn’t have so many options. While each brand has their own unique design qualities to offer, there are common specs (specifications) that are important to consider when looking for the best vape battery. These include battery voltage, battery life, mechanics (is it button-activated or auto-draw,) and cartridge compatibility.

Understanding Voltage

When working with vape batteries, the voltage serves as a measurement of the unit’s overall heat output. The higher the voltage, the higher the heat. Vape batteries typically run anywhere from 2.5 to 4.8 volts. When vaping, it is important to remember that the voltage directly correlates with the vapor production and taste of your THC oil. Higher volts are known to produce thicker vapor, but the higher temps have the potential to damage terpenes, resulting in less flavor. Whereas, lower voltages often preserve the flavor of the terpenes in the oil to produce flavorful hits that are accompanied by less vapor.

When figuring out the perfect voltage for your battery, it is important to consider factors like oil viscosity. Thicker oils require more overall heat to vaporize properly as well as cartridge materials. Metal cartridges with cotton-wicks tend to burn when introduced to high temperatures. These carts will produce a burnt taste when consumed at the wrong voltage, or on the wrong battery.

On the other hand, ceramic carts are more heat resistant and can stand up to higher voltages while still maintaining the integrity of the oil within. It is always a good idea to choose vape batteries that offer variable voltage control if you’re consuming different types of oil. These devices give consumers the ability to fine-tune their vaping experience while also offering a wider range of compatibility with different concentrates and cartridges.

The Key To Battery Life

Portability is one of the biggest advantages of using vape pens, and in order to be portable, the battery has to last. The battery life of your vape pen is measured in milliamp hours, otherwise known as MAH. Ultimately, the MAH is the battery’s use of electric power over time. Vape batteries typically have a MAH in the 200 – 900 range. The higher the mAh, the longer the battery life. Batteries on the lower end of the spectrum may make it through an entire day on a single charge. However, when used on high-voltage settings these batteries will require a higher MAH to compensate for the increased energy usage.

Consumers who often use their vaporizer for extended periods of time without charging it may find higher MAH batteries beneficial to their lifestyle. At Ispire, we offer vape batteries with greater MAH than most of our competitors. This includes the BDK in-palm battery that sits at 900 MAH. With heavy hitters like this, we are confident our vape pen batteries will outlast and outperform the competition.

Understanding Vape Battery Mechanics

Some vape batteries are operated via a small button that engages the heating element, while others only require the consumer to inhale to activate. Typically, button activated batteries operate through sequential button pressing (i.e. pressing the button 5 times to turn on/off.) These devices give consumers control over both voltage (temperature) and battery life.

When using ceramic cartridges, or carts with thicker oil, a push-button battery has the ability to slightly preheat the concentrate before consumption. Whereas, draw-activated batteries will not engage the heating elements until the user inhales from the mouthpiece of their cart. Draw-activated vape batteries are super simple and are perfect for novice users, older consumers, or those who infrequently vape.

Vape Cartridge Compatibility

Unless you are purchasing proprietary vape pods from a specific brand, you’re generally going to be using 510 thread vape carts with your battery. These convenient options are often offered in a wide range of strains and viscosities. Users simply screw the cart onto their battery to create a discreet and portable dab pen.

Choosing the perfect battery for your cartridge will depend on what kind of oil is contained within. More viscous (thick and sticky) concentrates and premium ceramic cartridges will often require a higher voltage (and MAH) vape battery—while thinner oils and liquids, as well as terpier Live Resin options, often benefit from lower temperatures. Because of this, consumers that like to indulge in different brands and forms of concentrates should invest in a variable voltage battery to better meet their needs.

Try High Quality Vape Batteries By Ispire

In addition to fully contained disposable vape pens, Ispire has delivered a full line of high quality vape batteries to the market. Our wide array of cutting-edge, patented Ispire products allow customers to easily choose the power level and design that will deliver the elevated experience they’re looking for. Our vape batteries are compact, discreet, and ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in your hand or pocket. With button-activated draw technology and optimal battery life, Ispire vape batteries produce consistently reliable (and flavorful) vapor.

Our unique Ducore® technology delivers superior power to provide the ultimate experience by letting you take in the full-bodied flavor of your favorite cannabis concentrates. Ispire vape batteries leverage leak proof designs and offer 510 thread compatibility—allowing them to work with most vape cartridges on the market. In addition to being safety certified by SC labs, the trusted source for reliable and accurate cannabis testing, the full line of Ispire devices have been GMP factory certified by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA.)

Looking for some branded batteries to help you stand out on the shelves? Our products are all configurable and customizable to meet your brand needs. We work with top producers, processors, and retailers, as well as individual consumers, to provide market-leading vape batteries. Contact us to learn more or check out our full inventory here.