Vaping cannabis concentrates has dramatically increased in popularity over the last decade. Vape pens, also referred to as batteries, offer consumers an added level of discretion and simplicity—making it easier to indulge on the go. It’s no surprise that these devices have become highly attractive to novice smokers who are looking to explore the world of cannabis extracts. The only learning curve is understanding what the light colors on your vape pen mean.

Although using a vape pen may seem obvious to seasoned smokers: simply press a button to take a toke. New users may not understand the nuances of their device—including what each light color may mean. We are here to offer best practices for customers in an effort to maximize their experience with Ispire Ducore® vape pens and devices. These usage tips are designed to help to extend the life of the battery, and also allows consumers to indulge in a cleaner, smoother, and ultimately more pleasant vaping experience.

The Colors On Your Vape Pen Indicate Voltage Settings

Unlike portable dab rigs that allow customers to burn loose concentrate at specific temperatures, vape pens are designed to be used with self-contained vape cartridges and operate using standard settings. Ispire Ducore® vape pens offer consumers three usage levels: low, medium, high. Each voltage setting is represented by a corresponding color indicator: blue, green, red.

Ispire offers quality vape devices in a plethora of designs. Each version differs slightly when it comes to the voltage ranges associated with each color. However, the levels are denoted consistently throughout each product line—blue being the lowest setting, green being the midpoint, and red representing the hottest voltage for the pen. The pros at Ispire highly recommend consumers utilize the lowest settings (blue/green) to save battery life and to improve the flavor and quality of the cannabis concentrate.

How To Navigate Between Colors

At Ispire, we understand that consuming cannabis is not one size fits all. We offer customers multiple heat options to easily personalize their vaping experience. To adjust the heat level on an Ispire vape pen, simply press the button 3 times. Colored lights will flash as a confirmation to consumers that the voltage setting has been switched.

After each use, turn off the battery by clicking the button 5 times. 5 clicks will also turn the device back on. As a safety precaution, it is always recommended to turn your device off before charging. When your Ispire vape pen is plugged in, the charging light indicator will be colored red – it will switch to green once fully charged.

Finally, if your device begins flashing (and does not seem to be working) the light would be indicative of a connection error between the vape cartridge and the battery. To troubleshoot this, ensure the cartridge is fitted on the pen base and screwed in properly.

In Conclusion

When it comes to consuming concentrates on the go Ispire has you covered. With a wide collection of portable dab devices and vape pens utilizing Ducore® technology to choose from, we are consistently redefining the vape space. Order your Ispire device today to join our community and start maximizing your vaping experience!