Over the last decade, vaping cannabis has become one of the most popular forms of consumption. Vape pens provide users with an added level of discretion and simplicity; making it a breeze to consume on the go. Because of its increased popularity , it’s no secret that these vape devices have become attractive to consumers of all walks of their cannabis journey, from first-timers who aim to get acquainted with the plant in a discreet fashion, to seasoned cannabis veterans. The only learning hurdle is deciphering what the light colors on your vape pen means.  While a 510 vape battery might seem easy to use to seasoned vets, newcomers may not understand the nuances of their device such as the meaning behind each light color. We’re here to help give customers a better idea on how to maximize their experience and the potential of their vape pens and devices. These usage tips are designed to assist in prolonging the battery life and allow consumers to enjoy a smooth, clean, and flavorful hit every vape sesh.

The Colors On Your Vape Pen Indicate Voltage Settings

Unlike portable dab rigs, vape batteries are designed to be used with self-contained vape cartridges and operate using standard voltage settings. Ispire vape batteries offer variable voltages (2.8V, 3.0V, 3.3V, 3.6V, 4.0V) to consumers: low, medium, and high. Each one is indicated by a corresponding color: blue, green, and red. 

Ispire provides premier level vape devices with multiple designs. Each version's voltage range associated with each color differs slightly. However, the settings are distinguished consistently throughout each product line- blue being the lowest, green as the midpoint, and red representing  the highest voltage for the battery . The experts at Ispire suggest starting off at the lowest voltage (blue) to get acclimated to the vape, save battery life, and to preserve the quality and taste of your concentrates as well as the terpene profile

What Do The Lights On My 510 thread Vape Pen Battery Mean? (2023) - Ispire Vape Hardware

How To Navigate Between Colors

At Ispire, we know that consuming cannabis isn’t one size fits all. We provide customers with multiple heating options to easily personalize their vaping experience. To adjust the temperature, simply press the firing button three times. Colored lights will begin to flash as confirmation that the voltage has been switched. After each use, turn off the battery by clicking the fire button five times. Five clicks will turn the device back on. As a safety precaution we advise that customers turn their battery off before charging. When your Ispire vape pen is plugged in, the charging light will shine red and will switch to green once fully charged. 

Finally, if your vape battery light  begins flashing or blinking (and stops working) the light is indicating a dead or low battery, OR a connection error between the cartridge and the battery. To fix this, simply charge your battery and/or ensure the cartridge is fitted on the pen base and screwed in place securely. 

In Conclusion

When it comes to understanding the oil you consuming, Ispire’s got your back! We are an Award-Winning original design manufacturer (ODM) for all-in-one disposables, 510 cartridges, pod systems & 510 vape batteries. Check this out for more info on our 510 batteries!