Elevate your brand by partnering with Ispire to create custom vape batteries that increase overall visibility, name recognition, and product performance. The cannabis industry is booming, especially when it comes to vaping. Customized batteries allow you to distinguish your brand – ultimately helping you to consistently sell through your inventory in an oversaturated market. By partnering with our expert team, you can conceptualize, customize, produce, and deliver hardware that accentuates the quality of your concentrate. Investing in custom vape batteries gives your brand continued advertising. Vape batteries are reusable and portable, meaning your branding will be proudly displayed at any location your customers consume.

Custom vape batteries and cartridges provide a creative edge that helps your products stand out on oversaturated shelves full of generic items. You’ve already done the hard work. You’ve invested the time, money, and energy into developing a recognizable brand. Ispire is here to leverage your legwork by helping you extend your reach via personalized products. Teaming up with Ispire allows you to create custom vape batteries to develop a stronger relationship with your customers and the community. Set your brand up for success and increase brand loyalty with custom hardware from Ispire.

The Ispire team is backed with over a decade of experience in the vape technology space. This knowledge bank allows us to methodically manufacture, engineer, process, and produce some of the highest quality vape hardware in the industry. Personalize the experience for your customers with custom vape batteries, with proprietary heating systems and top-tier technology, that will help to promote the full flavor and effects of your cannabis concentrates.


Vape batteries and cartridges are some of the best ways to showcase your products, and market your brand, to both current and prospective consumers. Our full line of vape products are praised for providing some of the best experiences in the industry. We offer our partner brands custom calibration to ensure that your oil is heated exactly how it should be for optimal flavor and effects. Our vape batteries work with concentrates of various viscosities, and we work with you to ensure each customer’s smoking experience is seamless. In addition to simplifying the end users experience, partnering with Ispire ensures your brand needs are streamlined as well.

Our US-based manufacturing team eliminates the hassle of dealing with a variety of vendors in an effort to create the perfect product. Ispire offers the ability to personalize items including packaging, cartridges, vape batteries and more! All with fully customizable OEM/ODM options. We truly are a one-stop-shop for all your vaping needs. We hold over 1000 patents globally and continue to be a leader in developing and manufacturing award-winning (and proprietary) devices. Partnering with Ispire gives your brand premier access to our deep bank of innovative and premium vape batteries and dab devices that are sure to help you stand out from the crowd.


Custom vape batteries allow your brand to stay relevant to your customers, their friends, your competitors, and random members of the community that come across them. Leave your mark on the industry with branded vape batteries. At Ispire, we know the power that branding holds. Your logo and brand details are the first things customers notice when scanning store shelves or shopping online. Our team will work with you to create high-quality graphics that reflect your brand identity and influence elevated experiences with your products. Whether you have an idea of what you’re looking for or just need to bounce some ideas around, we’ll help you create custom vape batteries your customers will love.

The Ispire team and our partners will work closely with you while you design your custom vapes. Our unique consultation process will match the right products with your logo and brand colors, while our brand experts can help you narrow down design aspects to align with your current and future needs. We are committed to elevating this industry, and in turn are committed to helping you deliver the highest-quality white label vape batteries for your business/brand. All of our leading-edge products are customizable to your brand and our custom solutions are tailored to meet all of your cannabis business needs.


At Ispire, we pride ourselves on developing lasting partnerships by delivering a best in class experience that is guaranteed to help your brand stand out. Meet with our design team to brainstorm ideas or build on your existing concepts with creative exploration. We’d love to work with you to design the perfect line of custom vape batteries to highlight your brand. To place an order or customize our products, simply contact us here for a quote, or email us at: sales@getispire.com.